How to choose my shutters - Demiratus

The choice to install shutters is to protect windows and doors of the house from the weather, sun and intrusions.

The security, the maintenance, the appearance, the ease of opening and the characteristics of your region are criteria which you will have to take into account to make your choice.

Which material to choose?

  • Wood: aesthetic, customizable, most insulating solution, will require a rigorous maintenance with lasure every 2 years
  • PVC: resistant, good price, cleans easily, is not adaptable for large spaces, sensitive to hot, possible to deform.
  • Aluminum: strong and durable, easy to maintain

Which style to choose?

Swing shutter: traditional style, can be full or slats, brings a touch of charm to the facade.

Sliding shutter: more modern, easy to use, can be motorized.

Roller shutter: better wind resistant, offer good security, can be placed indoors or outdoors.

Folding shutter: discreet, little comfort and security, can not be motorized.

You can add accessories to strengthen your shutters against the weather: automatic blockers, anti-tearing systems, reinforcement bars. The motorization also enhances the performance of your shutters.