Choose the paint of your bathroom - Demiratus

the bathroom is a very humid room, do not choose a bad paint

  • Use an base coat that will allow the paint to hang better. an opaque base coat facilitates the color change.
  • The number of layers will depend on the quality of the painting and the final rendering you want. Remember to respect the drying time between each coat of paint and to ventilate the room well.
  • A washable paint will allow more frequent cleaning.
  • Prefer a satin paint that is more resistant to hot and condensation.

Lime paint: perfectly adapted to humid environments, natural, does not contain plasticized products, limits the proliferation of bacteria and bad odors.

Acrylic paint (with water): will resist better the humid room, almost odorless, little toxic, washable with water.

The bathroom is a very humid room, do not choose a bad paint. If your wall has imperfections or cracks you must coat and sand before repainting.

It is important to prepare the surface to paint , it must be smooth. if your wall has any imperfections or cracks you should coat and sand before repainting. If it is in good condition, a good leaching and sanding will suffice. Make sure to deal with any possible moisture problem.

Do not forget the ceiling is also part of the bathroom.