How to choose the tiles of my bathroom - Demiratus

Tiles is the most common covering in the bathroom, it is found on the floors as on the walls, but it is not chosen at random.Your tiles must be anti-slip, resist to humidity, detergent products, scratches and shocks.

In order to ensure a good waterproofing of your tiles, it is advisable to install a waterproofing system under the tiles, around the shower and on the walls. You can choose between a liquid waterproof system, a base coat waterproof, a waterproof resin or a waterproof membrane.

Porcelain stoneware tile: good price, very resistant, easy-care, available in several sizes, imitation of materials.

Earthenware tile: easy to maintain and to install, large choice of style and color, shock sensitive, more suitable for walls not on the floor

The mosaic: tiled glass paste to pose with a net support, very decorative, brings a touch of originality, combined with porcelain stoneware or earthenware, difficult to maintain in the long term.ideal for the shower

Cement tile: requires a waterproof treatment and the application of a wax when laying, gives a vintage atmosphere

Natural stone tile: Elegant and original, you can opt for granite, marble or travertine, gives a natural and uncluttered style

For the shower it will be necessary to take a particular care with the realization of the joints.Prefer rough textures rather than smooth tiles