How to choose your kitchen sink - Demiratus

The choice of the kitchen sink is based on your taste, the style of the kitchen and the available space. You will need to determine the number of bassins, the presence or absence of a drainboard, the material and the shape.

If your kitchen furnitures and workplan are already available, you must take this into account when making your choice.

The different types of sink

To drop-in:on an under sink furniture, simple installation, edges and joints apparent, must match perfectly the size of the furniture.

undermount sink: into the work plan that will be cut. Possibility to choose its location, does not require specific furniture. It will take into account the depth of the bassins during installation, do not forget to make the edges waterproof.

under plan: is fixed under the work plan which must be cut to the right size. Without edges, facilitates maintenance. use a lightweight material.

Molded: the sink is molded in the workplan, they are made of the same materials, very aesthetic, good hygiene.

What configuration of sink to choose

  • 1 bassin with or without drainboard: good for small kitchens.
  • 1 bassin and a half with or without drainboard: compromise between the single sink and the double.
  • 2 bassins with or without drainboard: the most functional.

It also exists sinks with more than 2 bassins, rather rare thus more expensive. The depth of the tanks varies between 15 and 22 cm.