What material for my sink? - Demiratus

The sink is an essential element of the kitchen, it is found in different forms and materials. It must be resistant to shocks, scratches and stains.

Made of stainless steel: lightweight, easy to clean, durable and hygienic. Affordable price, exists in anti-scratch version. You can choose between smooth stainless steel, brushed or satin. Material used by kitchen professionals.

In enamel or ceramic : heavy, limited shapes, easy to clean, sensitive to shocks and stains, resistant to scratches.

Resin: various shapes, available in several colors that does not deteriorate in time. Resistant to shocks and scratches but less to stains. most often related to quartz powder or granite.

Natural stone: resistant to everything, heavy material, avoid porous stones more difficult to maintain.Allows to manufacture rare and expensive custom pieces.

Tempered glass: not very common, trendy, original, resistant, sensitive to marks and scratches. Requires regular maintenance, high cost.

Waxed concrete: modern, solid, resistant to impact and wear, several possible finishes (raw, smooth, lacquered, laminate or satin finish). Easy to clean, complex installation, high cost.

The different forms of sink

  • rectangle: classic shape, difficult to maintain because of the angles.
  • square: most often for sink with 1 bassin, ideal for small spaces.
  • round: brings a touch of charm, less practical to do the dishes.
  • angled: maximizes space.