How to choose your kitchen hood? - Demiratus

The hood has become an indispensable element in a kitchen, it sucks, filters, retains fat and evacuates odors. You can choose it depending on the suction power, the sound level and the desired decorative touch.

Depending on where you live, you will need to determine the method of aspiration

  • Evacuation: odors and humidity are rejected outside on the roof or facade. Perfect for a individual house. Larger brewed air flow, more complex installation.
  • Recycling: simple installation, filter the air before returning it to the room, the humidity is not evacuated, ideal for apartments where an evacuation system is impossible. More noisy, requires replacing filters every 4 to 6 months.

Aspiration power: To be effective, a hood must be able to evacuate between 10 and 12 times the air volume of the room.

Noise level: from 35 dB in minimum speed and up to 60 dB in maximum speed. To reduce the sound level you can place a soundproof sleeves in the cladding circuit of your hood.

which kitchen hood to choose?

Retractable: placed in a piece of furniture above the hob. Camouflaged by a facade or a door
which makes it invisible when it is not working. start automatically when the cache is opened.

Filter group: in a high cabinet, possibility to combine 2 groups in the same place. Visible grid, large aspiration area, ideal for large kitchens.

Drawer hood: telescopic, in a high cabinet or directly next to the hob, suitable for both small and large kitchens, very discreet.

Visor hood: classic model, clings directly to the wall, limited size 60 or 90 cm, ideal for small kitchens.

We will find more design models such as:

  • Wall decorative hood: placed on top of the stove or between two pieces of furniture, gives an original touch.
  • Island hood: suspended from the ceiling above a cooking island, requires a double electrical installation.
  • Inclined hood: space saving above the cooking station, large air catchment area.

For more harmony and efficiency, you can choose the hood width equal to or greater than that of the cooktop.