How to choose your entry door? - Demiratus

The entry door is the link between your privacy and the outside, it must provide good thermal and sound insulation, be waterproof, resist climate change and secure your home.

Which material to choose for your entry door?

Wood: Timeless, easily adapts to the aesthetics of a home. Can be painted or varnished, offers good insulation according to the thickness. Resistant according to the chosen essence. Request a regular service to maintain its appearance.

Aluminum: modern, varied colors, good resistance. Insulating: thermal conductor, requires no maintenance.

PVC: very good insulation, maintenance free. Choice of design and interesting colors, it is found in imitation wood. Not very resistant in terms of safety but resistant to bad weather and heat.

Composite materials: Strong and resistant, very good thermal insulation. No regular maintenance, varied shapes and colors, high price.

Steel: Solid and safe, extremely resistant, does not require any particular maintenance. Can be combined with other materials for better insulation.

Glass or glass: elegant, rare, burglar proof glass, screen – printed glass or frosted allows to maintain a certain intimacy. Gain of light. Few associate with any other material. Prefer double or triple glazing for better sound insulation.

Of course, it is always possible to combine different colors and materials for a custom entry door.

Apart from the material of the entrance door, the closing system must not be neglected. The A2P standard identifies the security level of your door.