How to choose your shower base - Demiratus

The shower base, whether built-in, tiled or elevate, allows to receive and evacuate water. It is a important element in the bathroom.

To choose your shower base, think about your evacuation system and the waterproofing. Calculate a slope of 2 to 3 cm to avoid stagnation of wastewater. Install a drain system with a 90 mm drain for extra flat bases. The base itself must have an internal inclination of 1% to 3%. Opt for a liquid waterproofing system, easy to apply and effective.

What type of shower base to choose?

Elevate shower base: This is the easiest to install, install with a horizontal outlet trap, does not require masonry work. You can place it on a socle or use feet for make over high and camouflage them with an apron. Sometimes highter . good price.

Shower base to ask: simple and fast installation, is placed directly on the floor, easier access. Space will be required to install the outlet trap and the evacuation pipe.

Built-in shower base: offers direct access, the shower base and evacuation are built-in, higher price, take special care for installation and waterproofing.

Tiling shower base: Only shows the drain, Customizable, Easy to access, ideal for people with reduced mobility. Made of extruded polystyrene foam or polypropylene reinforced with a waterproof glass fabric, it adapts to any size and shape. More complex installation (90 mm drain, 50 mm drain pipe, 3 cm slope). Prefer non-slip tiles and small sizes.