How to choose your kitchen countertop? - Demiratus

The kitchen countertop is an integral part of the kitchen, You can make your choice based on its resistance (shock, heat, scratches), thickness, aesthetics, ease of maintenance and cost.

The thickness of the countertop is to be adapted according to the height of the furniture for more comfort. There are different thicknesses: 16 mm, 20 mm, 28 mm, 38 mm, 58 mm. The depth varies from 60 cm to 65 cm, a depth of 65 cm leaves room behind the caissons for piping, which avoids cutting them.

Several choices of materials are offered to you:

Laminate: These are the cheapest, they offer a wide choice of decorative and imitation of material. Easy to cut, sensitive to scratches and heat. Visible joints, risk of clogging.

Stainless steel: durable and resistant,
materials cold but very hygienic, the most used by professionals. Resistant to heat and stains but sensitive to scratches. can be of a very fine thickness.

Synthetic materials: no joints, which makes them hygienic. Robust, moderately resistant to heat, sensitive to scratches. The sink can be molded directly into the kitchen countertop.

Natural stone: marble or granite, elegant, durable, high price. Hygienic, resistant to heat and scratches. Beware of falling objects that can cause splinters in the mass.

Quartz: based on stone powder and resin, can be very fine, present joints. Resist everything. Average price.

Natural wood: Robust, gives an authentic and warm look. Does not resist heat, is moderately resistant to stains and scratches. requires regular maintenance with linseed oil (every 6 months or so) to reduce its porosity.

Tile: presence of many joints, risk of fouling. Economical, resistant to stains, scratches and heat. Sensitive to shocks, retro aspect. You can opt for porcelain stoneware that is stronger than ceramic or earthenware.

Glass: elegant, durable, hygienic and easy to clean. Sensitive to shocks and rays, resists heat. can be very fine.

Cement resin or tadelakt: Warm appearance, affordable price. Sensitive to detergents and scratches. Requires to be re-waterproofed regularly

When choosing your kitchen countertop, think about the sink model you desire, both must be compatible.