What material choose for my shower base - Demiratus

The shower base permit to receive and evacuate water, it comes in different shapes, sizes and materials. After choosing the style, let’s see which material and which form to choose.

What material to choose?

stoneware or ceramic : Good price, shock and wear resistant, easy to clean, does not stain. Heavy enough between 30 and 45 kg, not suitable for all floors. Can be slippery, must receive a non-slip treatment.

Acrylic : good price, non-slip, lightweight, easy to handle, easy to clean, scratch-resistant.

Resin or synthetic concrete : most often used for ultra-thin, resistant, durable, easy-care, non-slip, anti-scratch, less affordable.

Natural stone: original, modern, antibacterial, non-slip, waterproof, heavy, ideal for large bathroom, expensive.You can opt for the reconstituted stone less expensive.

Teak : non-slip, not very common, rigorous maintenance with oil 2 to 3 times a year.

Shapes of shower base

The standard shower base comes in different shapes and sizes, if you want to customize it, choose a shower base to tile (see the article how to choose your shower base).

  • Square: the most common form, it is found in different sizes from 70 to 100 cm, suitable for small and large areas.
  • Rectangle: compromise between comfort and space saving, ideal for large spaces and long rooms.
  • Corner: space saving solution ideal for small spaces, available from 80 to 110 cm.