What coverings for my bathroom - Demiratus

Lot of possibilities are available for you to relooking your bathroom, do not limit yourself to tile or paint. Here are some ideas to guide you.

The paint: prefer acrylic, washable and humidity resistant, easy to install and renovate, ideal for people who like to change decor regularly. (see the article choose the paint of your bathroom )

The tiles: most used, easy to maintain, durable, waterproof. For floor and shower area use anti-slip tiles. avoid polished tiles, more slippery so not adaptable for the bathroom. You can opt for faience on the walls, think of the mosaic for more style. a water protection system must be applied before laying. (see the article How to choose the tiles of my bathroom).

The Paneling: PVC or covered with decorative paper, easy to maintain, can be installed everywhere except in the shower area.Can be glued, nailed or clipped onto a frame that will have to be treated against humidity.

The Vinyl: large decorative range, good price, washable. Prefer a thick vinyl that will last longer. Available in slab, blade or roll. sensitive to Solvent and shoe traces.

The parquet: opt for an exotic essence that will be better for the humidity of the bathroom. expensive, requires a lot of maintenance, put oil regularly. Avoid friction. Provide for the addition of a polyurethane seal to ensure its tightness.

The waxed concrete: design and modern, easy maintenance, the preparation of the support and the laying must not be neglected to ensure a good seal, requires a certain technique.

Make your choice according to the atmosphere that you want to give to your bathroom and your budget. Your coating will have to resist humidity and water.